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stepping through the doors of the joint is like stepping back through time. the establishment has been standing since the mid 1920’s — during the height of the prohibition era — and very little has been done in the way of renovations since then. the walls are covered with memorabilia that’s been collected in the bar throughout the years, from signs and posters to photographs and newspaper clippings. much of it is mob-centric, considering the original owner (the current owners great-grandfather) was a big name in chigaco’s organized crime scene back in his day. the joint is a dimly lit, smokey place where the drinks never stop flowing. there’s a small stage towards the back where modern jazz and blues singers can often be found making their sweet, sweet, music — and there’s open mic nights every monday, wednesday, and sunday. frequently, theme nights are also held, where you’ll find women strutting around like flappers with feathers in their hair and beads around their neck, and men outfitted in suits and fedora’s. the dress code for the staff on a day to day basis is fairly strict — it’s all dresses and skirts (tasteful cuts are mandatory), trouser pants, vests, and ties (and it’s not gender specific either, the women are more than welcome to wear trouser pants and vests, and though the men are also more than welcome to wear dresses if they like, that doesn’t happen very often). 

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